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Everyone on the #Alpha team at Carnegie Museum of Art loves the compelling combinations of art and user/visitor engagement that participatory technologies help enable. Exploring the ways technology can eliminate barriers to the art and artists we exhibit is a cross-departmental priority for the museum.

We also love when emerging platforms embrace the ethos of the open web. That’s why I’m happy to report that CMOA has joined, becoming the first museum (we think?) to do so. is a relatively new social network that takes a progressive approach to user rights and content ownership. The platform shuns the traditional advertising-based revenue model and instead offers annual memberships. The user base effectively become the customer, not the product being sold to advertisers.


All user data is portable, meaning a complete history can be exported at at any time. is also operating innovatively in the social space with the recent release of the Files API, a development that could greatly impact the way people use (or think about using) social media platforms.

What Can You Expect From Us On ADN?

I’m glad you asked! In our short time participating with the network, we’ve noticed that there are many artists and art-lovers connecting with us. That’s great and we plan to use the platform to show behind-the-scenes status updates about our exhibitions, artists and artwork.

We’ve also noticed that the network has a strong technology & developer contingent. Acknowledging this, we intend to expose the inner-workings of our Technology Initiatives department as they build interactive projects like museum micro-sites, mobile apps, and data visualizations. It’s our hope that we can not only show our work, but also learn from the active ADN community.

Thanks to the friendly community of ADN users for the warm welcome. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

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